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HIAS Lunch Seminar

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In spring and summer quarters of 2020, this seminar series will be held online. Please contact the organizer below for inquiries about the participation.

Hitotsubashi lunch seminar has been organized by young faculty at Hitotsubashi University since spring of 2016. In April of 2017, the seminar changes its name to HIAS Lunch Seminar and moved the venue to HIAS seminar room (Faculty Bld. II, R517).

This is an informal seminar series for discussing working-in-progress projects of faculty, students and visitors at Hitotsubashi University. Projects with preliminary results or just with a research idea/new dataset are welcomed. If you are interested in presenting your preliminary work, feel free to sign up your name and title of the paper at here.

Venue: HIAS Seminar Room (Faculty Building II, R517)
Time: 13:00—14:00 on Wednesday
Organizer: Mari Tanaka (Graduate School of Economics, Hitotsubashi University)

Please bring your brown bag lunch for the seminar. HIAS Cafe at room 509 will follow the seminar. We hope your participation in both events.

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