This site introduces events at HIAS GLECS (Hitotsubashi Institute for Advanced Studies, Research Center for Global Economic Systems).

Winter International Trade

3F (Otaru University of Commerce, Sapporo Satellite, Sapporo55 Bld.)


Otaru University of Commerce, Sapporo Satellite, Sapporo55 Bld.

Kita 5 Nishi 5-7 Chuo-ku Sapporo, Hokkaido 060-0005 Japan

Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (S), Grant No. 26220503, "Diverse Risk Assessment in the Global Economy from the Viewpoint of International Economics"
Otaru University of Commerce

Direction to the Venue

    • 09:45 09:50
      Opening Address 5m
      Speaker: Jota Ishikawa (Hitotsubashi University)
    • 09:50 12:20
      Session I

      Chair: Taiji Furusawa (Hitotsubashi University)

      • 09:50
        Optimal Tariff Discrimination: Evidence from the Generalized System of Preferences 1h 10m

        Discussant: Motoaki Takahashi (Hitotsubashi University)

        Speaker: Alan Spearot (UC Santa Cruz)
      • 11:00
        coffee break 10m
      • 11:10
        Trade, Pollution and Mortality in China 1h 10m

        Discussant: Tran Trang (Hitotsubashi University)

        Speaker: Binjing Li (National University of Singapore)
    • 12:20 14:00
      lunch 1h 40m
    • 14:00 17:50
      Session II

      Chair: Yoichi Sugita (Hitotsubashi University)

      • 14:00
        Demand for Value Added and Value-Added Exchange Rates 1h 10m

        Discussant: Bengt Soderlund (Stockholm School of Economics)

        Speaker: Rudolfs Bems (University of Tokyo)
      • 15:10
        coffee break 10m
      • 15:20
        Factor Intensity Reversals Redux 1h 10m

        Discussant: Jumpei Takubo (Hitotsubashi University)

        Speaker: Yoshihiro Kurokawa (University of Tsukuba)
      • 16:30
        coffee break 10m
      • 16:40
        Firm-Level Employment and All-Around Trade Liberalization 1h 10m

        Discussant: Hirofumi Okoshi (Hitotsubashi University)

        Speaker: Miaojie Yu (Peking University)
    • 17:50 17:55
      Closing Address 5m
      Speaker: Chisato Shibayama (Otaru University of Commerce)