This site introduces events at HIAS GLECS (Hitotsubashi Institute for Advanced Studies, Research Center for Global Economic Systems).

HIAS Fellow (6) Prasado Rao (The University of Queensland / Hitotsubashi University)

Faculty Building II, 5F-R517 - HIAS Seminar Room (Hitotsubashi University)

Faculty Building II, 5F-R517 - HIAS Seminar Room

Hitotsubashi University

2-1, Naka, Kunitachi, Tokyo 186-8601 JAPAN
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Kyoji Fukao (Institute of Economic Research)
Naohito Abe (Institute of Economic Research)

    • 10:30 12:00
      Measurement and Reliability of Purchasing Power Parities of Currencies and International Real Income Comparisons 1h 30m
      Speaker: Prasado Rao (Professor at University of Queensland / Adjunct Professor at Hitotsubashi University)