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Hayami Conference 2018

Saturday, 15 December 2018 - 09:30
National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies (1F A, B, and C)

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15 Dec 2018
09:30 Opening   (1F A, B, and C)
Session 1: Guest Lecture I (until 11:00) (1F A, B, and C)
09:40 Industrial Policy and Labour Outcome Revisited: the case of Ethiopia - Stefan Dercon (Professor of Economic Policy at the Blavatnik School of Government and the Economics Department, and a Fellow of Jesus College and Director of the Centre for the Study of African Economics, University of Oxford)   (1F A, B, and C)
11:00 --- break ---
Session 2 (until 12:40) (1F A, B, and C)
11:10 Labor Market Dynamics after the Natural Disaster: Evidence from Post-tsunami Aceh Panel Data - Manabu Nose   (1F A, B, and C)
11:55 Barriers to Joining a Public Pension Program in a Developing Country - Junichi Yamasaki   (1F A, B, and C)
12:40 --- Lunch ---
Session 3 (until 15:45) (1F A, B, and C)
13:20 The Effect of Social Interactions on Exporting Activities: Evidence from Micro, Small, and Medium-Sized Enterprises in Rural Vietnam - Yasuyuki Todo   (1F A, B, and C)
14:05 A Scarce but Trustworthy Workforce? Family Labor in the Lao Textile Industry - Mari Tanaka   (1F A, B, and C)
14:50 --- break ---
15:00 Pregnant in Haste? Evidence of Reproductive Behaviors in Uganda - Masaru Nagashima   (1F A, B, and C)
15:45 --- break ---
Session 4: Guest Lecture II (until 17:15) (1F A, B, and C)
15:55 Innovating for Female Entrepreneurs - Markus Goldstein (Lead Economist, World Bank)   (1F A, B, and C)
17:15 Plan for JADE - Keijiro Otsuka Yasuyuki Todo   (1F A, B, and C)
17:35 Closing   (1F A, B, and C)
17:45 --- Reception ---